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From an information sheet produced by Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown to accompany the showing of Track (between Pen-y-bryn and the road), June 2008

"David Eyres' work moves between careful observation and improvised abstraction. For the In Focus Gallery he is showing a short animated film, Track (between Pen-y-bryn and the road), developed from sequences of photographs and sketches the artist has made at regularly spaced intervals along the track which leads to his home near Llanfyllin, Powys.

Eyres experimented with abstract painting for a number of years. However, wishing to respond visually to the environment around him, he began working figuratively often from his own digital photographs. Eyres' recent work explores rhythm, balance, sequence and movement, and in Track (between Pen-y-bryn and the road), these aspects are unified to create a poetic work of both simplicity and familiarity."

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